Most of the time, we hear speaking about the pollution that exists in the big cities, but we rarely warms of contamination that exists in our own cars, and that we breathe all time while driving. The truth is that the air inside the car is loaded with harmful substances of all kinds. On the one hand, there are harmful substances that come from the exterior as smokes and particles of the traffic or industrial gases. On the other hand, there are toxic elements that come from inside the vehicle itself: chemical fumes of rubber, plastics, fabrics and other polluting materials found inside the car. Experts say that the worst pollution generator is the smoke emitted by a car in front of us, especially if this car is constantly accelerating. All these substances are harmful to the lungs and the body of the driver and the people travelling in the car, as they are breathing toxic elements all the time. Fortunately, despite the pollution grows every day in cities, technology advances and also allow us to develop systems that in one way or another, protect us from harmful pollution particles. In Radarcan®, we have designed the CAR AIR PURIFIER, which through ION.EVO2.0 technology, manages to balance the polluted environment inside the car. Its operation is based on the issuance of a large amount of anions (negatively charged ions) and a small amount of ozone, bringing us comfort and eliminating odors and bacteria. Thus, this device imitates nature, creating an environmental that is similar to the one we feel being near a waterfall or after a storm: fresh, clean and very nice, completely healthy for our body. It is very unpleasant to think that while we drive, we are risking our own health (and our families), so it is important to protect ourselves and to try to counteract the effects of pollution, at least where we can control them.

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