Christmas and Secret Santa celebration arrives and with it the big dilemma: What can we give? Most times we buy typical products and quite unnecessary because we cannot think of anything better. It’s time to take advantage of Christmas to give something really valuable. What could be better than giving a healthier air? Not much research is needed to realize the enormous air pollution that we continually breathe (especially if we live in big cities). Authorities do not much about it because industries and cars still there, continuously polluting. Given that air pollution causes the year 7 million premature deaths, the best thing we can do is to protect ourselves as much as possible. Car traffic is mainly responsible for the high levels of pollution in big cities. But the worst thing is, inside the car the air use to be more harmful than outside. Because the inlets of the vehicles, which are in front of us, the gases that leaves the car we have in front (fully toxic) are cast in our vehicle. Some experts say that if you measure the number of polluting particles inside your car, you would realize that they are often more than outside. For that reason, in Radarcan, we believe that the best option for Secret Santa and Christmas gifts is to give environmental health and a healthier air to our loved ones. Something we can do at a very affordable price. Fortunately, despite the pollution grow daily in big cities, technology advances and also allows us to develop systems that somehow protect us from pollutant particles and help us to improve our health. So we have the perfect solution to remove contaminated air inside the car: the most efficient way to improve air quality. With the AIRPURIFIER CAR, that uses the ION.EVO 2.0 technology, we managed to balance the car environment by producing a mass of beneficial ions that provide a physical comfort with a healthier air that eliminate any odor and pollutant particles. With an engineering design, we’ve created the world’s most compact device that also has a life of two years without any charge. So now you know what to do. This holidays, forget pajamas and socks and be the best gift-giver for Secret Santa or Christmas with something valuable as a healthier air to show your loved ones and friends how much you care about them.

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